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  • Up Front: Can't We All Just Fucking Get Along?,

    I tend to think that we need fewer sub-categories of feminist. My trusty Oxford dictionary states that feminism is "advocacy of women's rights and sexual equality". In their way, that is what all the different groups of feminists are after and I think it is more constructive to be united despite, or because of, our differences. Hence, I strongly identify as a feminist, but refuse to label myself as "sex positive" or "third wave".

    Strangely I often have people who don't identify as feminists insist that "No! you're not a feminist!", but after a few hours I can convince them that not only am I a feminist, but that they are too. I have found that when it comes down to it there are very few people, male or female, who don't advocate women's rights and sexual equality.

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  • Cracker: Hands in the Middle....,

    Or should we just put all that ALAC money into ads that say "Hey, don't rape drunk women, it's not cool." Because I don't know that rapists respond that well to social advertising.

    I think we should find out:
    If you kiss her and she doesn't kiss you back... it's not OK.
    If she's so drunk she doesn't remember her address... it's not OK.
    If you're not sure if she's keen... it's not OK.

    Rapists are not a separate feral breed that "don't respond" to messages that other people do. They are seemingly normal people and have family, friends, co-workers, etc in the same manner that people who commit domestic violence are. I think trying out some social advertising would be a move in the right direction.

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  • Hard News: The Auckland Council as leaky…,

    I think what we are seeing here is some fruits of Key's amateur approach to politics and corporate approach to governace. Like all good CEO's, Key wants his senior leadership team to get on with it and just present him with the results.

    Exactly, but what seems to be missing is the link that public should have with this CEO John Key and the so-smiley rugby-loving BBQ-cooking best-looking-politician John Key that polls so well. Everyone is complaining about National's policies (which should come as no surprise, really) but they are still in love with Key. Maybe there needs to be some kind of billboard campaign explaining that there is only the one John Key...

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  • Island Life: So, what do you think of…,

    When will it end?

    It will end when the first Eden Park RWC game is played, and all the punters without tickets get pissed withtheir mates at home or at their local, and those with tickets head to Kingsland after the game because they're already drunk and can't figure out how to get anywhere else or be bothered making the trek. Oh, to be a business owner in Kingsland!

    Although the Sohole idea is a good one, if it is done right...

    And while we do seem to need to improve the cruise ship terminal, it really doesn't need to be anything elaborate, does it? Something elegant, efficient and providing easy access to the CBD should do it. I must be missing something, but it appears to me like we are making a bigger deal of it than is necessary. (And it should definitely be a separate issue to the RWC!)

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