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  • Hard News: Kitchen Hacks,

    Fave kitchen hack: how to easily make your own yoghurt.

    Buy your favorite, most expensive plain yoghurt (you might as well splurge: it's the last time you're going to have to pay for it). Eat all but the last 3 tablespoons. Keep in container, or - as I do - transfer to old-school tall Agee jar with fitting lid. Fill container with UHT milk (this is the key hack - saves the hassle of heating and cooling fresh milk to the right temperatures). Put container in chilly bin. Pour jug-full of boiling water into chilly bin. Leave overnight (no need to worry about keeping at even temperature). Voila. Eat yoghurt of the same taste and consistency as the one you originally bought. Rinse & repeat (If yoghurt is a bit too runny, try leaving in chilly bin a bit longer or adding 2 tablespoons of powdered milk when adding the UHT milk).

    This hack is an endless source of joy and wonderment for me: it's like having a bottom-less cup of coffee….

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