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  • Hard News: Dude, what just happened?,

    Am I the only one who is sick and tired of hearing all the justifications from cannibas users about why it should be legal and why it is really not that harmful.

    Like we need another legal way for ordinary NZ'ers to trash their bodies and minds and become a constant drain on the taxpayer system...

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  • Hard News: The back of a bloody envelope,

    Oh...and Nikki Kaye has ppublicly spoken out about her objections regarding mining on Great Barrier Island.

    Other National MP's in key areas - Coromandel and West Coast - haven't yet spoken openly but are likely to shortly I'd say...

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  • Hard News: The back of a bloody envelope,

    Rod Oram gave his view on Nine to Noon a little earlier.

    Few good points made.

    On the downside:
    - only 5% of revenue generated from mining projects will be paid to Government; the rest goes offshore after tax

    - Mining companies minimise tax paid to Government by selling what they source at low cost to sister companies based in other countries; while the IRD does monitor this sort of thing they can do little to prevent the practice entirely

    - Government is unlikely to ring fence the income generated from mining which will ultimately lead to massive long term budget blowouts; UK is good example of how short term thinking on additional income generated from such projects leads to significant long terms woes

    - While the Government and interested parties continue to talk about outrageously high estimates of how much MIGHT be down there, no one has a clue how much of this could actually be extracted.

    He didn't really have a lot of positives outside the obvious ones...

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  • Hard News: That Summer!,

    In my mind, this Summer has reminded me of the year I moved to Auckland from Wellington...that was 20 years ago...almost identical weather.

    That first Summer in Auckland I almost died of the heat, the humidity and the realisation that my sense of style was about to change forever...more than a one season wardrobe was required...

    But I digress..

    Many Aucklander's seem to be overlooking the reason why this Summer is so rain!

    Or at least, hardly any of it...what annoys everyone about Auckland isn't the temperature - which is almost always in the high 20's in Summer - it's the rain...consistent persistent rain...

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  • Hard News: Do Want?,

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  • Hard News: Do Want?,

    Absolutely amazes me that people here seem to think Apple are the good guys and Microsoft the evil corporation.

    Why is it that Apple have proprietary systems that are in actual fact more oppressive than Microsoft?

    And what is it ok for Jobs to be so rich while you continue to pay all his bills?

    Amazing. The whole banalty of all this.

    Logging off.

    See ya.

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  • Hard News: Do Want?,

    Well; it's just as well I love debating and it appears I'm the only non-Apple lover here.

    If you really think Apple can overturn legacy business systems because consumers love the brand, you are mistaken.

    Corporations seek stability and breadth of service - this is where Microsoft still leaves Apple for dead.

    Why do you think Apple switched focus from the Creative community onto Consumers?

    They recognised the opportunity to inspire a broader audience with toys - not business tools - to grow market share.

    But Corporations don't act on heart. They act out of wallet, first and foremost.

    The current Apple strategy will never force Corporations to change.

    They don't expect this, and why would they care?

    Which - yet again - yawn - leads me back to the point.

    Choose the tool suited to the job at hand. Not. Because. It. Makes. You. Look. Or. Feel. Cool. In. A. Meeting.

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  • Hard News: Do Want?,

    "Get over what? We disagree, and there are plenty of international companies, one of which I work for, running Macs, and iPhones successfully. Is that so impossible to imagine? And why do you have to be right? I don't care either way really."

    Don't take it personally. I'm simply making a point that few outside the geek community seem willing to make.

    The iPod and the iPhone have made Apple widely popular recently,yet still hardly anyone owns a Mac.

    Most business people are trying to integrate the iPhone into a Microsoft legacy system. It doesn't really work.

    Hence the problems you are not aware of....

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  • Hard News: Do Want?,

    "Which does not change the fact of Microsoft's comprehensive failure in the mobile sphere."

    You are only looking at this from an individual perspective, which is surprising, given your political bent.

    When you work in large organisations, the broader considerations are worth more than the odd individual getting hacked off about the tiny frustrations encountered.

    Really. Seriously. These frustrations are tiny when compared to the overall good of the people"" in business...

    Research on how consumers feel is not the same as research on how business feels, so you are not comparing apples with apples.

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  • Hard News: Do Want?,

    Lucy and Recordari - yes; perhaps they do work for business people that aren't me.

    But; I remind you yet again. The point is - choose the tool suited to the task at hand, not because of what it looks like or how it makes you feel.

    Recordari - you obviously do not travel or attend many meetings. Syncing is an absolute priority, particularly when others want to view your availability.

    Also, what range of business contacts do you have? When you deal with a broad spectrum of people around the world you experience problems on an iPhone that other smartphone users don't have.

    And other cultures are not shy like us - they want to talk to us on the phone. All the time. Phone use is not declining in the major markets of the world. Far from it. Other cultures will only form a business relationship with people and companies they can talk to; and that does not mean email or instant messaging.

    Microsoft still dominates the business world - get over it and face it. Legacy systems are not going anywhere soon and Apple have nothing to replace the stability Microsoft currently represents.

    Once again - I will say it again - it might not be sexy. It might not be cool. But that is the way of the business world.

    Get over it.

    The iPhone and the iPad are all about the individual....they are not designed for business or integration...sounds like w*** to me.

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