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  • Island Life: Stop Making Cents,

    Mr Brewer seems to have embraced the spirit of the NCEA discussion in his latest tanty over pennies - that is, remorsely ignoring fact in order to push his own myopic understanding and prejudice.

    In particular I heard him say on RNZ that the new coins are giving vending machine operators major headaches and that he doesn't know a single person who likes the new coins. I can understand he doesn't know anyone in favour of the coins - if while minding his till he were to accidentally meet someone with a different ideological position to his, they wouldn't dare challenge his viewpoint even if they could get a word in. Nevertheless I have heard a great deal of approval for the new coins, mostly along the lines that they are lighter and easier to carry, and more 'modern' in the sense that they are aligning with the format of other first world currency formats.

    But how does he explain his assertion that vending machine operators are having major problems and yet NOT A SINGLE ONE has suggested such to the Reserve Bank yet many have expressed approval and consider them an improvement?

    Still, I guess if I had to spend my days in Newmarket I'd get a little obsessed with the trivial myself.

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  • OnPoint: You win, I lose, eat that,

    No worries Keith, I read your article and realised that what with the Listener now being just another section of the Herald (Russell's worthy contributions excepted of course), you couldn't expect to be as forthright as this forum.
    Coddington does DESERVE to be defamed though doesn't she. Isn't truth a defence in defamation? If only the public knew just a skerrick of the truth about her life... oh how sweet that would be.

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  • OnPoint: Fisking for Asians,

    Ed's note: Sorry Slarty, the first part of your comment was a bit libellous for my taste, and maybe a bit abusive too. I've moderated out the nasty bit, although you should, of course, feel free to hold your low opinion of Ms. Coddington. RB

    Perhaps readers would like to share their disappointment at North and South's tatty editorial policy by emailing them:

    Press Council complaints might be useful but cancelled subscriptions and boycotts tend to have more influence on the kinds of psyches that allow such pap to get published in the first place.

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