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  • Hard News: Where nature may win,

    It's not just the Guardian that has a problem with the Geography. TV3's 6pm news on Friday first included Fire Services attending from Eketahuna (I assume was meant to be Ikamatua?) and then that more emergency personnel were on their way from Greytown...

    I've caught some of the press briefing thing this morning and yesterday - really leaves me (and others I've talked to) with general unpleasant feelings towards journalists - knowing a few people on the coast I'd be surprised if some of the locals don't express some private comments towards those seeking the "sensational headlines" - hopefully fairly forcefully.

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  • OnPoint: Being a dick about Earth Hour,

    Another place to buy the energy savers (Marexim brand) is:

    All the different types catered for (and they were really good about sorting out when we ordered screw ins instead of the bayonet jobbies. 2 years into their 9 year life we've had no dramas with any of them

    Best things about these is they aren't the hideous looking curly ones so most people can't tell! - and less kids trying to hock off chocolate at your door every 2nd day!

    Disclaimer: As this sounds like a sell job: I don't work for them but I know someone who used to work at Marexim and he put me onto them

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