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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,

    In NuZealundish plus three BUA* inspired ( Biggest Unwalled Asylum-isms) as follows..
    FACILITATION rather than corruption or bribe...
    as confirmed in this article if not admitted with the SaudiSheikDownDeal

    UNDER REVIEW = buck being passed or issue delegated.
    OIA'd = Overtly Ignored Acshully for as long as can be..
    FIGHT CLUB- involuntary exersize/sport in place of prison rehab/recreation

    Housing Homeless Health Education Child Poverty/Abuse
    CHALLENGES yet still not CRISES, unless it's happening to you and yours?
    SERCO-NNED kicked in the partially PrIvates sector?
    TPP a(h) oh dear
    may have to settle for RCEP now but with Taiwan not China.
    *TRUMPUTINED BIGLY - self explanatory
    SURPLUS substitute for social housing and all connected welfare services
    VULNERABLE rather than CYF'D
    *DEAD or MAIMED = contained or detained by U.S Law Forcement keeping patriots safe according to their colour, ethnicity state of,mental (in) capacity making the militarily trained, fear for their safety??
    Especially if at particular actions or protector events like #Everything matters #NODARPL or similar!

    Vocabaret.. Love playing with words and meanings especially when can't sleep..

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  • Hard News: Everybody's Machiavelli, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Yes Russell I am not sure whether she could have ever realised just how awful this was all going to be, but surely she could have guessed that it wasn't going to go well when others were 'writing' scripts for her..
    As a Mum, I do hope someone sensible in her own family gets her away from NZ and fast now. It's horrible to sense another human being being torn to shreds in public like this. Also beginning to remind me of the Lewinsky case rather than the Christine Keeler Profumo one or 'other women' we studied for a school project a long time back but who were almost always 'damaged' forever in the aftermath
    A macabre puppet show.. Someone shut it down please........

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  • Hard News: Everybody's Machiavelli, in reply to Richard Love,

    Gobsmacked with all the continued 'furious indignation' being stirred & stoked up by the likes of Duncan Garner today. In particular regarding the 'reference' for Bevan that Len Brown's 'office' furnished her with! ( A person who really has been either a silly girl on so many levels or a willing Suzy Wong. Timing wise what an utter fustercluck).
    Anyway may I please ask a question from the employment experts or others who may know?

    Mr. Key shoulder tapped Ian Fletcher ( his ex school buddy) for a Directorship of the GCSB in very well documented and publicised actions..
    Reaction? Lots of temporary froth but very little longterm frenzy?
    HOW does Key & Brown's 'conflict' and 'aid' differ other than the adult sexual relationship aspect of this from the shitstorm a good few determined 'stirrers' seem to be intent on progressing?

    The fact that Ms Chuang really does not appear to have her known her Left from her Right let alone her right from wrong, and has been dropped from a great height as a 'dead duck' in the middle by all sides, is a salutary warning to all ahead of next year's election? The dots some us have joined this week between the U.S Italian mob and the Chinese job, two Mayors ( one ex) make an interesting picture.
    Didn't realise the CrosbyTextor tactics started this early, but of course they would?..

    Thankyou for whoever has the time to answer my questions. Preferably before the next attempted diversion becomes the 'nu gift news of the slews distraction' of the day! Finding myself in agreement with Michelle Boag AND Matthew Hooten as well as Matt McCarten truly weird..

    But this week surely a gift for this current government. One that should have been about a Simon Bridge(s) too far, a sloppy Energy company investment warning, or a huge hurray that a dishonorable dodgy coalition partner finally about to be dealt to!

    The rest of this 'orchestrated' ugly mess way off the radars of the average, ordinary man or woman in the street, voting or non voting to even comprehend!
    Asked someone to pinch me gently before I post!

    Either way sticking with Defendant Banks' story regardless of who may be comfortable with trying to bury that?
    He made 'trouble' personal yesterday.
    Didn't realise he really IS a woman hater!

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