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    Agreed. We can't keep letting suburbia sprawl all the way from pukekohe to wellsford. What Auckland needs is at least 3 city centres. One in the north either in henderson or albany, or both and the other in the south, possibly manukau. These new cities will need high speed rail linking them, parking buildings, office buildings, streets, theatres etc and will need to be designed based on traditional cities not big box retail like commonly developed today. The unitary plan has created far too many town centres, local centres and much too widespread higher intensity development that is upsetting the wider Auckland population. If we create 3 or 4 cities and protect the integrity of existing residential areas in auckland then we will create more choice for the residents of the Auckland region for finding alternatives to where they live, work and play. My husband and I currently commute against the flow of rush hour traffic and if more people had the option to work in other city centres this would significantly reduce traffic congestion. Creating new cities for Auckland would allow sustainable development for Auckland and would allow the metropolitan urban limits to be extended in a sensible manner so that this country can grow. We need to create alternatives to the current Auckland city centre because it is finite and not everyone can have a piece. How do we pay for these new cities you ask? Well all those property investors who are buying up residential properties could divert their funds and start building a better future for Auckland.

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