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  • Island Life: A Special Public Address Message,

    And me. I have been a 'free rider' on Public Address for years now. It is (Almost) the least I could do!!

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  • Hard News: Bad men,

    3410 noted...

    My thoughts now are with every poor bastard who’s been on the receiving end of a prosecution based on evidence provided by these clearly disreputable men.

    Mr Rickards as I understand it was an undercover drug squad officer?? In that case there could be many of these 'poor bastards'. Consider the following hypothetical exchange:

    Defence Lawyer. Constable Rickards, can you tell the jury whether you were under the influence of Marijuana/Cocaine/Insert drug of choice at the time?

    Constable Rickards. No sir, I simulated using Marijuana/Cocaine/Insert drug of choice.

    There you have it - the big lie, under oath, in front of a Judge and jury. Use 'Simulate' in a conversation with any former undercover drug agent, and watch the reaction - it is a joke statement.

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  • Flying Nun Moments,

    There have been many over the years, but one of the more memorable was way back near the start of my working life when I had to go to Auckland with a colleague to do a couple of days work, and had 2 nights to spend....


    Last night
    K Road
    His choice

    Goodbye Clean
    Hello Chills
    My choice

    Caught the same show in Wellington at the old Terminus Tavern too. Sublime. Can't remember the name of the Auckland Venue.

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  • OnPoint: Fisking for Asians,

    Don't be too upset Keith - it's only DC after all, and she don't make much sense at the best of times. The article says much more about her really.

    I have a few friends from Asia (No, really!), and we frequently use the 'You all look the same to me' argument in both directions - good fun, but it aint really the same as in your article is it.

    I always look out for the use of 'opportunity cost' in an argument, as it is most often abused by those who live in a permanant state of outrage. Dissapointing to see this drivel in a nationally circulated magazine though. It must be quite demoralising.

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