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  • Up Front: Tomorrow Lives Forever,

    Stud could, however, recall the last thing he saw before blacking out: an image of the departing Athena, Tatiana draped over her shoulder. And then it hit him - the legend of that god's birth, bursting forth from the head of Zeus, and he looked down in horror at Clint's silent, crying face, grafted bodyless to the bottom of his left foot. "Egads - The Gods! What terrors they concoct when aligned with a Russian scientist! And I thought she was The One. Or at least, no more than a love interest in MY story. Clint, with your brawn and my brains now aligned, we must get to the bottom of this." "Stick your feet in a pool of bourbon and I'll think about it, mate."

    Meanwhile, back at the bunker, Athena implored Tatiana to take the impending crisis seriously. "You're treachery has threatened all of creation! The Directors feel you have departed too drastically from the script. Get it under control!" But Tatiana just turned up her nose, and laughed. "Tell them to cease intervening in the text, and I may consider unscrewing their world. But I'm willing to let Venice burn, for I do so despise all these tourists." Athena felt... conflicted.

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  • OnPoint: What Andrew Geddis Said, But…,

    Can anyone tell me how common/uncommon the practice of redacting info from an RIS for MPs is? Have there been RISs containing material redacted when published online/for the general public, but not when distributed to MPs? And if the practice is not entirely uncommon, has it been affected by changes to Regulatory Impact Analysis requirements in 2009? I have been reading the RIA handbook to try to understand how this works, but all it seems to tell me is "8.1 Withholding sensitive or confidential information: Deletions can be made consistent with the provisions of the Official Information Act 1982" (p.28).

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