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  • Speaker: The Architecture of Elsewhere,

    It seems like no one's actually given any thought to what, if any, use the building would actually have, apart from looking quite interesting.

    Exactly what they did in Britain with the Millenium Dome. The contents seemed to come as an afterthought, so what could have been an inspiring piece of architecture was written off as a white elephant.

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  • C4 not picking up The Daily Show this year,

    Hopefully it will be picked up by Comedy Central and that will fix the bug on My Sky where it couldn't do series link. I had to set it manually every week!

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  • Hard News: A bigger breach?,

    I'm still not entirely sure why the parking machines needed to retain credit card numbers, but if there is a need then why aren't they stored in an encrypted format?

    I can see the need for legislation that forces any device that stores credit card details to encrypt the data to prevent this kind of theft in the future.

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