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  • Hard News: A bigger breach?,

    My ASB Visa was replaced last week due to the possibility it had been 'compromised', as was a friend's ASB Mastercard.

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  • Hard News: Ihug: still screwed?,

    I've had no email on one of my ihug accounts since the beginning of last week. All emails to that account bounce back with a 550 error which- after calling them about it on Tuesday morning and getting no response- I discovered when I called again this morning a lot of customers are having a problem with and they're trying to fix but don't know what's causing it and can't tell me when it'll be sorted.

    This is the same Ihug with a story in this morning's Herald announcing that everything was fixed and working fine.

    Unfortunately I have an online booking form for my business which runs through this account (albeit through an outside host and mt own domain name) so don't know how many booking's I've missed in the last week as the clients will be getting a confirmation that the booking request has been sent but only the booking form page host will be getting the bounceback messages.

    As with most people my problem is with Ihugs handling of what are obviously major problems.

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