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    Like "refugee" and "terrorists", both parts of the same problem

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    Thought I would add a couple of points from growing bogan in West Auckland. First Ford or Holden? no middle ground, never seen in the other badges car at point of losing all bogan cred (even one night offered lift back home after drinking, but... it was a Holden FFS!!!!). Second, dress was black jeans white sneakers and black t-shirt of any metal band. As I am still living out West, I am glad to see that dress code as not changed much as now add car manufacturers/teams jackets.
    By the way reading all this brought back a pile of great memories from the 80's and 90's.

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  • Hard News: Dressing for the Road,

    For me, i have been cycling in Auckland for some time, and like some of you padded cycling shorts are just a must!!! Without these my arse would hurt even on my 40min commute. Cycling gloves a a must, stops hands getting that ache in them, and like Russel think they look cool to. I wear cycle tops just because they take the sweat away form the sweat machine that I am. Just as well my employer has a shower or my colleagues would really complain about me. Also never go out without a bandana under my helmet to keep sweat out of my eyes.
    Having ridden in street clothes, really do not recommend in Auckland apart from short distances, as you turn up sweaty and smelly and quickly become nigel-no-mates!

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