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  • Hard News: The War Stories, in reply to Richard Aston,

    We sang that verse in Wellington Cathedral.

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  • Hard News: Dressing for the Road,

    Wellington has hills, sun, rain and wind - sometimes all together. I live almost 8km south of the Town Hall and find cycling really convenient within the city. Often I have 7:30 breakfast meetings so cycling in and then having a shower is really not ideal. So if it's calm and I just go to the city, I might use my "chocolate powered bike " but if it's a brutal north-westerly or I have to go a bit further up hill, I'll use my electric bike.

    That means I can wear a suit jacket and arrive looking fresh rather than bright red - or late. I either wear trousers or a dress/skirt with cycling shorts underneath - as I did when cycling to airport to meet Hillary Clinton.

    I don't cycle every day but serial times a week. Sometime I go in by car or bus and use a pool bike to cycle to parliament or another meeting. It's such a friendly and convenient way of getting around .

    I do pop on a high-vis jacket on top of business wear and have both a helmet and bike mounted light. And won't go through red lights - but that's a whole other conversation. People oddly enough say " but it's dark " but I love riding in the dark - usually less traffic and lights are very visible! Just got back from a very full day and was pleased to be cycling back from presenting our draft annual plan and governance - but some NZers think it's totally weird I don't have a car and driver, let alone that I cycle. Diplomatic corps, especially European ambassadors, get it. Tomorrow I'll be going insincere other half does a night class further north so life for many of us is very multimodal - bus, walk, cycle, drive, passenge (new verb!).

    Anyone in Wellington who wants more rapid development of cycling facilities please come along to the Council Chambers, Wakefield St., on 1st May - refreshments (fuel) and networking from 5, forum discussion from 5:30. And make an annual plan submission - we doubled the funding already but it doesn't deliver enough!

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