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    Len Brown v Murray really is a classic example of the dooshbag vs turd sandwich scenario. Although Murray could definitely be described now as both a turd sandwich and a dooshbag, among other things.

    The funniest thing I've seen in a while was at 330pm last Friday at the gates of Queens Wharf. There was one stressed out man, with a megaphone, standing on top of a shipping container, yelling "The Whole World is Watching!!!" as he tried to marshal a crowd of 50,000+ bewildered people....and then we went on and had a great night.

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  • Cracker: Summer in the City,

    Yes the ZM MC was a little out of her element. Her introduction for the Bats came across as a justification for their inclusion on the bill. Clearly she, or ZM assumed that the crowd would have no idea who they were.It was a fun day though.

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    "And yelling out for your favourite song? Was it Ryan Adams who said "Well, we actually have a set list worked out so . . ."

    Was that the gig at the Powerstation earlier this year? I remember that douchebag yelling out and in quite the excited frenzy up the front. He was on a totally different wave length to the rest of the crowd. I couldn't help thinking that if he was a real fan then he would have known that Ryan Adams doesn't usually respond well to that sort of doucheyness. Luckily Mr Adams was in great form and merely singled the guy out, telling him that there was a setlist and that we'd get to those songs in good time. He then asked the douche to calm himself down as there was a pretty high chance he was bumming EVERYBODY around him out, not just the band. Cue applause and cheering.

    Great gig otherwise.

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  • Hard News: Save the King's Arms,

    I bought my tickets to see Malkmus at the studio. I was gutted to see the gig get moved to the Kings Arms. Having endured several ordeals at oversold international gigs at the KA previously I was very dubious about attending another. True to form the Malkmus gig was a complete shambles. What a joke. Never again. Promoters need to sort their shit out.

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