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  • Hard News: #BDOMemories,

    Rage-KillingInThe BDO'08.mp4

    See ya Big Day Out .
    Memory highlights to follow hopefully
    but for now take a quick look at what 45,000 NZer's felt like saying together one Friday night in 2008 ... Soul stirring .

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  • Hard News: Celebrity Gibberish,

    Thanks Russell for your prompt but considered response to yesterdays article.
    I appreciate it.
    It was a beat up and a pathetic one at that . Obviously I am pissed off . Any sort of public audit sucks I suppose.

    I don't actually think its got anything to do with anyone other than the parties involved , but I feel I need to justify my shit since the desperate old Herald crones have cried that I have received a get out of jail free card and therefore am just another example of legal system double standards.

    What fucking losers . Note the lack of actual facts . The lack of research . How about the skewing of opinion in the piece itself ? The article , chocka block full of assumption , is bad enough but then as many on Public address have mentioned ....what fresh retarded garble is that Editorial ???

    So , just to ease the swelling of insinuation and to hold back the roaring tide of presumption here are a few of those vital things that David Fisher's sorry arse excuse for professional news journalism was woefully devoid of . Facts .

    Yes I have had a sizeable amount of fines converted to community service .
    Just how many and how much ? Didn't tell greasy old Fisher . Won't tell you .
    None of your business , frankly.

    Before you have a cry and scream double standards you may want to consider the following -
    I have paid for parking , lots and lots of it .
    I have paid THOUSANDS of dollars for parking fines . In fact it sickens me when I think of how much.
    (Spare me your judgmental opinions , so you are a smarter , more organised parker than me , congratulations . I have an issue with it obviously. )

    The point is I have spent an unfeasible amount of money on parking and parking fines .
    Amazingly , being Mikey Havoc does not mean I'm living large with heaving pots of cash !
    It was getting to a stage where I just couldn't justify the outlandish expense anymore .

    I have had ongoing major issues with the Ministry of Justice for over 15 years regarding fines and what I actually owe them .
    Don't get me wrong it s mostly a lot of money for a lot of unpaid parking tickets but for whatever reason somewhere along the way some things got all fucked up and numbers started changing.
    I'm talking stuff like payments not being recorded properly 10yrs ago , numerous reminder notices being sent to completely wrong addresses as recently as 9 months ago and on more than one occasion my file totally disappearing coming back then disappearing again !
    A ticket disappearing before you return to your car with reminder notices sent to the wrong address turns very quickly from $15 to $300 whilst you are none the wiser. Police fines were going one place , council fines another , letters another etc etc

    The details are private and quite boring unless you are me or the Ministry of Justice.

    If any of you have had the pleasure of trying to deal with the mighty Ministry of Justice you will understand that trying to tell them the system is at fault is not only pointless but foolhardy. They are not into that. They are pretty much accountable to themselves and they can really get heavy if they want.

    Part of my decision to convert the whole deal into community service was because I was freaking out that it would get beyond my control and i may not be able to prove that the MOJ was at fault in time and the situation would triple worsen .

    It was only after some serious argument and demanding that they review my file that they did in fact , only very recently , admit mistakes had been made and that the MOJ may have on more than one occasion been responsible for serious errors.

    I , as Chief Reporter David Fisher so desperately points out , have not had a fun year and after lengthy discussions with the MOJ I decided that instead of spending more time winding them up trying to unravel the sorry mess we should sort of meet half way , I should just take the hit , and get the whole thing over and done with .
    This was partly to keep me sane as I was trying to deal with the aforementioned other ' non parking fines shit ' that personally I thought as more important.

    At no time whatsoever did I receive the magical Celebrity Special treatment . You are kidding . Thats a myth that I am amazed the Hearld even went with . I mean please - comparing me to Boy George and Naomi Campbell?

    No special treatment each week at the Courts , certainly not from the sentencing Judge. In fact the head of Waitakere Collection s with whom I eventually was dealing with on a weekly personal basis trying to get this sorted out came up to me AFTER the case was presented to the judge asked for a signature for her daughter. Before that she had pretended to know nothing about what I did professionally or who I "was ".

    I never used a lawyer . Lawyers are expensive .

    Why the University ? Would it surprise you that since I finally have a carpark there it means less chance of accruing more fines? obviously , and because I am nearby daily I can be more useful more often .

    Final community service placement decisions are made by the Department Of Corrections and there are a lot of boxes that need ticking .
    To suggest that they fluff it up for certain people is complete nonsense .
    The AUSA were the ones who asked me to dj as part of my community service work for them . Yes its enjoyable but its still time I could be doing other things or out earning money - that I'm not .
    In fact , the AUSA and I spoke this morning and they are happy to continue on with the deal as is .

    The article in the Herald On Sunday was uninformed sensationalist shite .
    It wasn't news and I told David Fisher that when he rang.
    I never confirmed any figures or amounts to him . He made those up. REPORTERS AREN"T SUPPOSED TO MAKE THINGS UP .

    Was it because they couldn't do a story on "the well known celebrity with name suppression " or was it a reaction to my phone conversation earlier this year with gimpy editor Shane Currie highlighting the damage caused by the blundering efforts of poor simple Rachel Glucina ?
    Who knows ?

    I make mistakes . Wish I didn't but I do .
    People will decide what they want about me . People are awesome like that.

    What is more concerning is how come the Chief Reporter for a major national newspaper spent his weekend writing that crap and got paid for it ?...aaaannnd just who signed off on that ranting drivel of an editorial ?

    I wish our newspapers reported news.
    A pleasure , as always .


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  • Island Life: The longest last time,

    Very special piece .

    cheers David

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