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  • Hard News: Something up with Apple?,

    "Crossgrading" from Final Cut Studio to the Universal version was a 6 week process. This involved physically sending my original install discs to a third party global logistics outfit in Sydney along with a cheque for $99 (13 September) Three weeks later nothing had arrived in the post so I called the 0800 number on the upgrade form and got an answering machine. Checked the Apple Australia website and discovered the logistics firm had changed their postal address. Rang 0800 number and left a strong message asking where my $2500 worth of software was. One week later on October 13 I received an email from "Apple Fulfillment" (German email address) explaining they'd received the discs on the 6 October and they were waiting for the cheque to clear. Cheque didn't clear until 19 October and the universal discs turned up about a week after this (sent from Singapore then repackaged into a Courier Post bag). What is the point of having a local distributor if they are unable to distribute a simple software upgrade?

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