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  • OnPoint: Bar brawls aren't my thing,

    Well, she can hardly lie low now, can she. It will be interesting to see whether she dares to reply via Public Address, or whether she will stick to conventional print in order.

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  • Island Life: The One Minute Stadium,

    I'm waiting to see all of the tabled proposals in one place, with costings and statistics in such a form that will allow a proper, balanced comparison.

    There so much impassioned rhetoric flying about at the moment that its hard to see the facts through the spittle. Deep breaths and cool-headed analysis is what is required right now.

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  • Cracker: I've Got the Love. In the Music,

    Without wanting to put my 'pedant' hat on, it was Jose Gonzalez who covered The Knife, rather than t'other way round.

    The song is awesomer - not so much into their newer stuff though...

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  • A question of sport,

    Henry's strategy of fielding wildly different teams is evidence of the luxury he has in selecting from a wide range of eligible players - there is no real pressure to come up with a starting World Cup XV straight away as clearly most of the tried combinations thus far have been largely successful.

    While the loss of certainty for us in not having a locked in first-string squad can be a tad disconcerting, we should take heart in the fact that the ABs look dominating in whichever mould they have been put into this year...

    As to worst injury prospect, my head says McCaw naturally, given that he is the Captain, and given the way the international press drools over him as 'the world's best player' he is almost a psychological weapon. Notwithstanding the fact that I still don't agree with his playstyle at the breakdown. My heart, however, says Jerry. One of the hardest workers, and awesome to watch playing. If Jerry got sidelined due to injury it would take a bunch of the pleasure out of watching the game for this Wellingtonian.

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  • Climate change day of action,

    Has anyone else noticed the pitch of the 'AGW isn't really happening' crowd getting that much more fevered in recent times?

    As more and more of the mainstream come around to seeing future climate change as a real, tangible risk, and seeing mitigation as the correct response as opposed to adaptation, the volume of rebuttal from the fringes has increased markedly.

    It seems that with both major political parties purporting to head in roughly the same direction, that some actual policy might result. Exciting!

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