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  • Up Front: The C Word,

    How often do people beg you for money walking around NZ?

    Every day. A window into poverty that comes with every city-centre apartment!

    I suspect they don't mention that in the Property Press.

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  • Hard News: Paul Reynolds: A Contribution,

    I am surprised at this terrible news, and at being moved to tears in response.

    I remember Paul's distinctive voice and tone as a commentator on National Radio - unfailingly worth listening to, even for the elitist teenage geek I was.

    I later noticed his voice turning up at public lectures. I meant to thank him for his radio work. Now I will not have that chance.

    I did not really know him, and I will miss him.

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  • Cracker: Mix Your Members,

    Why does a threshold need to be in percentage terms anyway? We could set it 60,000 votes, and let that number mean whatever it means in any election, or set it at a number of MPs. Do the divvying up of seats as though there was no threshold, and all those the parties that get enough votes for 3 MPs get to keep them.

    I guess my question is not "why should be a threshold?", but "why should there be a threshold as high a 5%?"

    Or indeed, why do the various roles of MPs have to be defined as they currently are?

    There might be useful role for non-voting representatives. They would speak in Parliament, and contribute to Select Committee research and discussion.

    Such a role could split the difference between completely proportional representation and stability of government.

    On my rough first model, a further 10 seats would be added to Parliament for non-voting representatives. These would be allocated proportionally to the top 10 parties below 5%.

    This would give minorities a Parliamentary voice, without jeopardising stable government. If the non-voting members make sense, good luck to them. If not, they can be safely ignored.

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