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  • Field Theory: No draught in here,

    Hayden great you could come along to Beervana and enjoy yourself due to the Brewers Guild generously allowing you to come in and cover it. It is just a pity your journalistic side did not check the facts before typing up your blog. There were in fact eight entries in the Draught section not the one you so derisively trumpet. You can also check the brewers Guild website for a a description of the Draught Style if you wish to broaden your beer knowledge
    Your source also gave you an unbalanced view of the judging and if you had questioned people who were involved they would have been glad to inform you. In certain categories where a gold was not awarded a Silver and even a Bronze can win. Beer must be judged to style so must be put in categories and yes you can get multiple golds in categories and none in others that's judging!
    Lastly Speight's Distinction Ale is in fact a Lager, Lager uses bottom fermenting yeast and this is what this product uses. Ale is a top fermented product such as Epic Pale Ale.
    I suggest next time either look for me or anyone from the Guild to give balance to claims made by unquoted sources who on the surface may seem to know what they are talking about.

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