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  • Hard News: Illegal Tender, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Haha yes. Sorry Geoff! I guess because I'm always defending the issue its become the default. My apologies!! I am really looking forward to Native Affairs tonight, it should be a good debate. And Game of Thrones episode 2 so win-win!!

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  • Hard News: Illegal Tender, in reply to Geoff Lealand,

    I am just wondering why this is sad news? The decriminalization of all drugs 10 years ago in Portugal has had very positive effects for the country as a whole!

    I personally believe regulating cannabis so it is prescribed by a doctor and is under some form of control, such as in California at the moment, is a better method than letting gangs control the cannabis trade in todays free for all unregulated cannabis blackmarket.

    I will be watching Native Affairs tonight with interest, Maori TV is always informative.

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  • Hard News: This is Your TV on Drugs, in reply to Islander,

    Im really sorry to hear that Islander, I think for people with severe depression if the correct drugs are prescribed and they work, that is a good thing. I am more concerned with the wave of Prozac etc being prescribed for people as an antidote for normal glumness.

    I would prefer to see CBT and psychotherapy being used in the first instance, and then medication tried, rather than the reverse. Talk about problems rather than just opening a prescription pad.

    I look at medical marijuana as offering some options for patients in pain currently being forced to take synthetic, highly addictive opiates such as Vicodin and Oxycontin where a few puffs of cannabis will do the same job. I really like the professional medical marijuana clinics like in LA. A clean, sterile and safe place to buy your medicine.

    It will be interesting to see how the US Federal Govt react to the States easing their cannabis laws! #peace

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  • Hard News: This is Your TV on Drugs, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    I would have no problems with SSRIs etc if they actually worked as a medication. A lot of studies have shown them to be a placebo, another lot of studies have been paid for by the Big Pharma companies to try and show their effectiveness.

    Even for the small percentage of people SSRIs work for there is a hellish ‘discontinuation syndrome’ or fiending withdrawal in laymans terms, something most GPs never seem to mention. NZ has a soaring rate of ‘antidepressant’ prescription. It’s pretty concerning.

    I’ve always thought psychotherapy or talk therapy to be a better alternative to just drugging an entire population like the USA. Ritalin for kids, SSRIs for adults, there’s a dangerous medicine for every citizen.

    I don’t think medicinal cannabis is the cure for depression etc, but if you come home from work and drink 6 beers or a bottle of wine to unwind for purely medicinal purposes of course, I would argue having a few quiet tokes as a consenting adult will pay you out a lot less the next morning and in the long run. Having the choice would be nice.

    Ive got my fingers crossed about the sea change happening in regards to drug policy. We probably need to spend some time with our older politicians on R and D(retirement and death lol), that should sort it out. Unfortunately that will also sort me out as well, so the sooner the better for some positive changes in drug law!!

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  • Hard News: This is Your TV on Drugs, in reply to Russell Brown,

    That really is good news. Pretty sure Barry O was a stoner in his youth. Be nice to see the federal
    pressure come off the situation in the States. And then American drug policy easing off its grip on the rest of the world. South America are already bucking lol.

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  • Hard News: This is Your TV on Drugs,

    I really enjoyed the latest issue of the NZDF’S Matters of Substance. I was shocked at the graphics that accompanied the article about cannabis however, the NZDF needs a new supplier, the weed pic looked like rugged, rugged bush weed. And Im pretty sure the joint was a tobacco roll your own. Great article.

    I would prefer a pic of some green, purple and blue medicinal bud from a clinic somewhere, just a minor niggle. Imagine being able to go into a nice, safe clinic to buy your medicine as opposed to supporting organised crime in NZ atm! Its a pleasant dream.

    Im definitely going to watch American Weed, it sounds very interesting. I am pretty sad that we lost a lot of the MDMA type psychotherapy thanks to idiots like Bert Potter and his cronies. Now all these types of treatments are labelled as ‘hippy nonsense’ when there is a lot of truth and power in loving your fellow human.

    Legalise, regulate and tax. All drugs.

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  • Hard News: Why did Stephen die?, in reply to Sofie Bribiesca,

    My apologies I got the wrong interpretation and should have been clearer. I'm not taking a jab at PA readers as being middle class, I am white and middle class and have noticed the change in police behaviour as I have got older.

    I had about 4 years in a row there where I was getting pulled over every time I drove past a police, admittedly in a hoodie. Now at 38 I don't even rate a sideways look. Most of the people I graduated Uni with in the 90s who still smoke pot have no fear of the police, quietly smoking after work at home. So if you can smoke pot safely personally the heat does go out of the legalisation issue a bit.

    The police certainly use the Misuse of Drugs Act to search a lot of people under suspicion of cannabis use and I would like to see the Act tightened up so people's civil rights are a bit more protected. Rather than the current free for all searches.

    I wasn't having a dig at anybody as 'middle class' as I am middle class, reasonably so anyway and I have noticed I get a pass from Police in my 30s while Maori mates down South and in Auckland get hassled every day, every where. I was just clumsily trying to contrast my experiences with theirs.

    It's a shame Stephen McIntyre got on the wrong end of some NZ Police mind games. I would be interested to know who sanctioned the visit to persuade Stephen not to take the matter further with a good lawyer. A lot of politicians still disapprove of medical marijuana clinics such as those in LA, as they see it as a stepping stone to full legalisation. Fingers crossed!! #peace

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  • Hard News: Why did Stephen die?,

    I think a lot of good people find it hard to support some aspects of cannabis law reform for a few reasons.

    Firstly, the nitwit activists who don't take Stephen McIntyres peaceful, rational approach but rather take an angry, all consuming stance on legalising cannabis, not realising it is one of many issues in society that need resolving. I would argue feeding the 25pc of school kids going hungry to school as a more important issue.

    That's not to say rationalising drug law isn't important and logical, just that for some middle aged people who stopped smoking pot after Uni it is not their top social issue. These people need to be reached with calm facts, blowing a cloud of smoke in their face won't work.

    I also think after 30 if you still smoke pot in your own living room you will not see the issue. If, however, you are young and brown, cannabis will be used as an excuse to search you, arrest you, and further dent your already grim job prospects. Pot is treated as a joke and almost de facto decriminalised for the middle class. But it is used as a bludgeon on the working class as Sophie notes above.

    What really grates me is Stephen McIntyre was helping out patients with prescriptions, not running a tinny house, but he got hit with the full force of the law including an informal visit for the purpose of threatening the man outside the laws bounds.

    And finally, how come its always the good guys who pass on and you get left with the ineffectual dregs. Bums me out man. RIP Stephen.

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  • Hard News: Why did Stephen die?, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    I wish I could identify the causes more clearly. Politicking definitely. Also Stephen McIntyre wasn't even advocating for recreational pot use, he was concentrating on medical marijuana use for chemo patients and the like.

    Dying patients should have the right to medical marijuana with a doctors prescription and advice. The Police should not be bullying and then burying people advocating for an effective medical treatment that reduces harm. Compared to massive doses of opiates like OxyContin etc.

    I thought Stephen was doing a pretty cool thing, different from big Albert Park J Days etc, more clinical. I have no answers, only questions!

    Apologies for the rant, I guess I still do feel strongly after 20 years lol.

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  • Hard News: Party on, dudes, in reply to Geoff Lealand,

    Congrats Russell, I mainly lurk but Public Address cheers me up after a lot of the other blogs. Im still a poor student but put a weekly AP through to the Public Address account of ten dollars a week. Surely a 'rich' lecturer could put up 20 bucks a week?

    Its not a vast amount of money but a micropayment system could definitely work. I spend more than ten dollars a week on the Herald and that just depresses me daily lol. Public Address cheers me up. Good on ya.

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