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  • Speaker: KidsCan comes back,

    Good afternoon Russell, thank you for your very informative website. Each year my family support 3 charities by giving away the interest earned from our families perpetual investment fund. This year we decided to give 3 charities $10,000 each. However, in light of what I have read here, our own subsequent scutiny of the Kidscan's financial statements listed on the Charities Commission website and lack of confidence in Mr Shera's response, my family and I have decided not to go ahead with the donation to Kidscan (although we initially decided we would when we met at the beginning of August). We have now have awarded the $10,000 to a different charity after checking their financials first and comparing income to expenses. Suffice to say their audited accounts showed they have given more than 80% of the income raised to the program they run, every year for the past 10 years. A lesson learned. Yours sincerely Mrs Cartwright.

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