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  • Hard News: When "common sense" isn't,

    Having recently taken up cycling again after 25 years absence what I've discovered on my one-speed upright is that when riding in a frock and heels, I seem to be more 'visible' to many motorists than I am when wearing jeans and a swanndri - they seem to give me more space and will wait behind me at intersections while I take off. This may all be in my mind, but I'm a commuter cyclist who is not riding for speed, and who rides as defensively as I drive - I never run red lights or cut across lanes in front of cars, just the same as I wouldn't when driving my van.

    However, because much of my reason for cycling is my belief that it needs to be an 'everyday' activity, I would baulk at wearing a Hi-Vis for every trip, and considering I'm in Chch where they've become standard work wear, I'm not convinced I'd stand out more from the crowd than if I was wearing a floral frock. Any law change needs to take into account that there are many different types of bikes and cyclists on our roads, and I'd prefer if they spent the money rebuilding my ridiculously cycle friendly city with decent cycle lanes.

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  • Hard News: One man’s Meat Puppets is…,

    "I worked in a restaurant and we had ONE Otmar Lieber CD and we played it over and over and ..."

    Had the same thing with Vaya Con Dios..unitl one Sunday afternoon when one of the Restaurant managers and I agreed it had to go so we did a mexican hat dance on it and hid the remains way at the bottom of the rubbish.. had to endure various waitresses looking for the thing for the next couple of weeks... never got replaced though thank god...

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  • Hard News: This Is Not A Complicated Issue,

    If Mojo Mathers was taking a university course she would be entitled to a note-taker with no increase in fees. If she also had a learning disablity such as dyslexia, she would be entitled to a note-taker and someone to assist her with her essays. If the education system can sort this out, why can't parliament?

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  • Hard News: Still sounds good, in reply to hayden ward,

    I know it's one of Wayne's songs (at least i think it is) but I consider the Doublehappy's 'Anyone Else Would' to be the best song ever written in Aotearoa - the abject vocals coupled with that soaring chorus are just brutal and beautiful all at the same time.... stunning...

    Also, any chance the show could come down to Chch - venues are reopening now, and I can promise that we'd be very, very grateful... it's been a bleak autumn down here in the live music stakes...

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  • Voting Local 2010,

    "Keown seems to think he's running for Sheriff, and omits to mention his Elvis Impersonating business, that has pasted their posters all over public and private property in the past - or that he was an ACT candidate in the last General Election."

    You forgot to mention that Keown is also a stripper, so he may be happy just wearing his superdick undies without the pants underneath...

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  • Southerly: I Was Dissed By Three Old Ladies,

    I've picked up rubbish for years and I've finally found the best response when you see someone drop something... especially if it's a cigarette butt...

    'Hey, you dropped something.'

    They usualy think it's something important and will look around, while you just smile and keep pointing at the item.. some get abusive, some pick it up, and some try and look like they don't give a damn - but you know it got to them... especially if it's in a public place

    My friend's love it when I randomly yell it at people on the street, and it never fails to amuse me...

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