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  • Hard News: The next four years,

    I wrote this in the week after the election -

    And I still think that is what is the greatest fear I have - that this enabling of language that belittles and uses power to make others small and less worthy - will be the new norm.

    We're told there is a bullying problem in schools and in our society, but somehow as adults, it's OK to rationalise the election of a bully to the highest office of power in the United States.

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  • Hard News: The good guys, in reply to Al C,

    Aha. This makes sense now.
    Green bottles I was thinking Steinlager - but you're correct - Heineken would be the tournament sponsor.

    And yes, less prosaic than I imagined. :)

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  • Hard News: The good guys, in reply to Russell Brown,

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  • Hard News: The good guys,

    Was considering the alcohol angle - and I can appreciate the tension between booze culture, and the commercial realities.

    But realised as I was looking across some instagram and video feeds, that the ABs when they have a beer in their hand, are never photographed with the label of the bottle facing out. So you never see the sponsor's name.

    You can see the green bottle, and just the small fine print on the back.

    Not sure if it's a planned thing - or if one of the rules of the media coverage from NZRU, but if it is, it's a hell of a detail to take care of, and possibly a reflection of what's been said about the ABs desire to be aware of that tension and treat it respectfully.

    I've not seen every photo from inside the dressing room obviously - so I'm happy to stand corrected.

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  • Field Theory: It's about time, in reply to Mark Cubey,

    Not much critique - but a handy overview of the team kits there. :)

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  • Hard News: To have a home,

    "There is no Them."

    Read that many years ago.

    Still apt.

    Russell, thanks for the stories in this post.

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  • Polity: House-buying patterns in Auckland,

    Dear Talkie, and others of your persuasive opinion.

    I was born in Timaru, to a Fijian father and a Pakeha mother. My father's father was Chinese, hence my last name.

    I own a house, and a rental property.

    As Danielle has stated above - I get all of the issues. I understand there is a problem in housing, and speculation is causing a bubble, and that this matters. To young people, to the economy, to the future of this country.

    I really do get it.

    But the thing is, I also get that this weekend, as per Phil Twyford's definition, I am not of this place. I am it seems, part of the problem, part of what plagues this country, and part of what needs to be addressed, and possibly fixed.

    And all of this on the basis of my last name.

    Because in behind all of the data, the analysis - as shoddy as I believe it to be, and the conclusions, which are as pertinent you believe them be - there are real people, many of whom have chosen this place, or indeed were born in this place.

    And they have been called out on the basis of their last name.

    As I look at my daughter tonight, this amazing kid who has my name, but her mother's Northern Irish fire, I wonder what future this place holds for her. Because after all of my wandering of this planet, I chose this place, to have a family and to raise my daughters.

    This is my tūrangawaewae. By birth and by choice.

    It is hers also by birth, but I wonder if she will claim it by choice.

    Finally, I worry that if it is this easy for those who would seek to lead us, to forget that "There is no Them" - and instead play on the foibles and the biases of human nature - when there in fact, as you and others have said, real issues and real problems to unpack and address, and provide active solutions for - well, what manner of leaders will they actually be.

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  • Up Front: Oh, God, in reply to Moz,

    The cirriculum is not something to be negotiated individually with each school like a blinking employment contract, or to the extent that it is, it should be exactly like negotiating a job contract with a government: "here's the deal, take it or we're not giving you any money".

    Actually it is exactly that. The New Zealand Curriculum is a national curriculum. It sets the broad guidelines that every school must work from as they develop their own curriculum.

    You might think that as madness - I think it allows schools and school communities to develop learning experiences that matter to them. There is clearly a science section in the national curriculum.

    There's plenty of resources and good folk striving and available help to foster science in every school.

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  • Up Front: Oh, God,

    As a teacher, I'm more concerned at the "no science" being taught in schools aspect, and that's worth a conversation with those schools as to why not.

    And before this turns into a "this govt hates teachers" thread - I'm talking about useful and engaging conversations with those schools as to what their systems require to allow science to be integrated into their local school curriculum.

    Apart from merely a kick up the backside.

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  • Hard News: Te Reo Māori in schools:…, in reply to TracyMac,


    We want critical problem solvers, who will choose the right tools to attack said problems. Those may or may not be coding tools.

    My point on current state of 'learn to code' is summed up thusly:

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