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  • TVNZ's Freeview: how's it look?,

    Do people still watch TV?

    I think Cameron Pitches' point is well-taken. I certainly don't watch much. But, of more significance perhaps, my 18-year-old nephew in Toronto (where broadband is really broadband) just gave away his TV set. He gets all the video he wants on his 24" computer monitor. One day that's going to happen here in NZ.

    Also, Rick Ellis (TVNZ CEO) says 70 per cent of the programming on the new digital channels will be rebroadcast from TV One and TV 2. So why do we need the new channels? Apparently to time-shift those programmes into more accessible slots. Instead of creating new channels, maybe we just need to learn how to programme our VCRs or DVD recorders.

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  • Yellow Peril: Public meatings,

    Extrapolating the support of two people (one unequivocal, the other qualified by suggesting that the mufti used an inappropriate analogy) is worrying enough.

    But I think we should be even more concerned by the wording of the lead sentence:

    A Sydney mufti who compared unveiled women to "uncovered meat" has gained followers in New Zealand...

    "Followers" would suggest not just that one or two people may share a similar view on this issue, but that there is a movement of people in New Zealand prepared to accept the mufti's views on all topics. That seems to be stretching the evidence.

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  • The NZ Web's greatest hits (and misses),

    For me, viewing from overseas, two sites stood out in the late 90's - for simple, quickly readable news, and for a wealth of free data.

    If my memory is correct, didn't launch until well into 2000. ;{-)

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