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    Great story
    Reminds me on an occasion when mcgovern online - my company - had offices in High Street, auckland

    We were on the top floor and could look down onto/across to the building opposite opposite.

    The latter was a mix of office and studio spaces

    One of them was a private art dealer who used to hang his current works for sale on a big wall.

    At the time there was enormous controversy over whether Victoria University was going to sell Colin McCahon's Storm Warning

    The work had apparently disappeared from the wall it had hung on in Vic - and everyone in the art world was wondering where it was.

    I looked out the window and there it was - quite a moment.
    I couldn't believe what I was looking at so phoned an art dealer contact who came round and nearly fell out of the window when he saw it.

    All goes to show - never leave the lights on - and always ask - find out - who is renting across the road!


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