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  • OnPoint: Fisking for Asians,

    Well done Keith! Send your article to N&S. They should apologise for the obfuscation. Did they think us Asians were dumb too? As for Debra H-C. She lives in an ivory tower so white she has monochromatic vision. She once said that those learning Te Reo are losing their English language skills. So being multilingual is actually a 'bad' thing. It prevents people from interacting in this big 'English' world. We should just let her lose in some third world country what?

    One way to get the point across is to insist on Asian panelists for the Afternoon Show on Nat Radio . Send emails to

    BTW, an interesting debate would be on who is really 'Asian'. Why are we letting the largely white media and DC types tell us that Indians are not Asians? What about those from the middle east? Central Asia? Mongolia? Let us take charge!

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