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  • Random Play: “Thank you, you’ve been a…,

    Neil Finn gives fans some good banter..... "the best cold beer is ... Vic" :)

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  • Field Theory: 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14,

    "Oh sure the Chipmunk in a Singlet is injured, but that's all part of being the greatest. You don't get there by getting hurt. And you definitely don't get there by never recovering from a slump."

    Nice points - Nadal is good, no doubt, though to be great, you have to have longevity and that's what Feder is achieving.

    I think people like Federer because he seems geniune (refer tears at the Aus open) Where as every dislikes for example. Leighton Hewwit who comes across as a cockly lil basterd.

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