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  • Speaker: About That Telescope,

    I was never asked to provide an affidavit about the telescope nor was I called to the witness box by HOS lawyers to be questioned about the veracity of the claim.
    Until the court process is complete it would be unwise of me to talk about it - that has nothing to do with friendships.

    But for the purpose of accuracy:

    I don't think he was working for the HoS when those stories were published, which would have made quitting a bit difficult.

    The stories David mentions in his guest blog were printed on:
    Gillon – Feb 2007
    Shipton – April 2007
    Gerbich – April 2007
    Macsyna – May 2008

    David Fisher started working at the Herald on Sunday in December 2004, his last Herald on Sunday article (before going to The Listener) was printed on March 29 2008.
    He has since returned to the HoS.

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