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  • Hard News: No end of mileage,

    Have you ever seen boy racers interviewed on TV? They really don't tend to come across well.... ....They appeared so stupid as to make me fear for our future as a nation...

    Maybe so. But maybe the problem is that it was on TV - Are the kids interviewed on Holmes truly representative of 'boy racers', or do they perpetuate the image of stupid, scary, dirty teenage boys driving deathtraps that sells more papers / advertising / get's more clicks / replies...

    Have you ever seen an interview with a nice kid who goes to school and loves his mum :-) but happens to love cars, and driving round town with his friends is his idea of a good time? They must exist.

    Stop the interviewing on TV - Start talking to the kids when and where they are comfortable, using a relevant medium. I may be 33 but I recognise that this is probably online through msg board, blog and/or sms.

    Happy to help.

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  • Hard News: No end of mileage,

    Simple suggestion - Ask the kids what they think

    Everyone's going on and on (including alot of people in this blog - and now me...) about how to solve the boy racers problem, youth drinking culture, etc etc ad nauseum but from my memory as a troubled youth I didn't pay much attention to my parents, and least of all what the 'authorities' thought.

    And this was due, largely, because they didn't ask me what I thought.

    Just a suggestion.

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  • Hard News: You can't moan,

    One quick question for your esteemed readers.

    Why does NZ only get credit for only 337 Runs? They were tied for 336, and then Mccullum hit a 4 so shouldn't they get 340. This would make it an even greater victory for NZ, and an even higher score in NZ for the record books.

    And what's weirder - the batsman gets credit for 4.

    What's up with that?

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  • Hard News: Getting the pip,

    I agree about the daftness of the Weekend Herald ('s story about Don Brash taking a holiday) and I think Mikey Roberts said it best on BFM breakfast this morning

    ...the Herald is using cleaners to write stories over the holiday period...

    or words to that effect.

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  • Hard News: Because I am weak,

    At first I was against the building a stadium at the waterfront, thinking it was a waste of what is some of the most beautiful harbourside land in the world.

    But after listening to all the palaver going on between all the unbiased parties, I have changed my mind for one simple reason.

    It's better than nothing because I believe if the stadium is not built now - then nothing will never happen at the waterfront.

    So, if it is designed well, can be completed on time and won't sink into the harbour like Atlantis, then I am 100% behind the building of Stadium Aotearoa at the Auckland waterfront.

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