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  • Hard News: Radio Times,

    I want to add my tiny voice to national radio supporters - no, not just supporter - I love national radio. I live in Queenstown and this station is the only way we get a sense of what's going on around the country - not just Auckland! Steve Wilde - our local reporter serves us wonderfully. My partner and i love morning report and listen every work morning often chuckling at Sean Plunket's irrepressible and irreverent demands for 'answers to the question'. We love media watch and the music programmes on Saturday and Sunday arvos. our 10 year old loves this way up and i like the rural programming. I also like the world programming in the evening. Sometimes we hear too much about some issues and we switch off, but never to commercial radio now. itunes and podcasts rule. Commercial radio has become entirely irrelevant to our community - I worked in commercial radio for years when it represented local community - automatic programming to a lowest common denominator has killed that medium for us. Long live national radio!

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  • Speaker: Who is the bigger dick?,

    The other dude - i forget his name, the one that's not Cowan. Cowan's a silly southland boy who can play rugger,but has at least been clever enough to manipulate the 'light' halfback situation to his and the team's benefit. The other one's just a drop kick so wins my vote.

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  • Island Life: A Special Public Address Message,

    It's lovely to read this. Like Conor, but unknown probably to Russell, I've been listening to and reading Russell Brown since BFM days - followed into Hard News and now Public Address. Thank you Pead PR for picking this up - I also know Deborah Peak - I work in PR in Queenstown where one year Deborah came to town and hauled a huge event from the brink of disaster back to its rightful position. Russell, you've got good friends. I can't make the gig - I live in Queenstown - but will watch with interest and will donate to the account.


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