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  • Muse: OPEN HOUSE: Margaret Mahy, The…,

    I knew she was a witch!!!!! Heard it confirmed on the radio this morning.

    I knew, because when I was a just grasshopper I'd go hunting in the Canterbury Library for Tintin books which usually leaned up against the grandfather clock (not the concrete library, the original one by the Christchurch Police station) and I'd come across her hiding behind shelves. She'd have a group of kids my size open mouthed at the story she was reading them from a book.

    And this is how I knew she was a witch.

    You see, she used to have the book turned to the kids so she couldn't see the pages and yet she still knew all the words!!!

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  • Hard News: 2011: The Year Of What?,

    Of course, it will all be academic when everying ends in 2012. That's why they're showing the movie first; be pointless trying to run "2012: The Movie" after total armageddon, eh? No power for the projectors.

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  • Hard News: Postmodern Banks Anxiety,

    Nick Nolte
    Real or fake?

    Prize for getting it wrong is having your fingers cut off.

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  • Hard News: Gushing for Auckland,

    I bought Simon Prast's house from him recently.

    Free flowing water from from roof to basement.

    I wonder what his Leaky Home policy will be.

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  • Hard News: Deprived of speech, he sang…,

    My favourite Chris Knox moment (apart from getting each and every vinyl purchase home and being awed by their uniqueness) would be when I saw him at orientation at University of Canterbury in the top room.

    It came to the end of the set and he still hadn't performed his latest (first?) and substantial Hit Single, "Not given lightly." I believe it had only recently been released. The crowd (in a happy way) weren't happy, and if you know the venue there's only one way out, back through the crowd to the stairs. They weren't letting him go.

    The chanting for more got louder and louder. As I recall he did a couple of encores but the noise just increased. Finally, after pleading he couldn't remember the words, Chris pulled out his contract with the UCSA, mounted the stage again and, in full legalese, sang it to the tune of "Not Given Lightly", including such details as limits of liability and start and finish times.

    Lost for words in a different way, that's a performance I've not seen again.

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