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  • Hard News: Last Words, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Thanks Russell. I can't comment on the internal machinations of the Party obviously, but I think that the substance of our campaign has worked quite well.

    What it may show, IF the result matches the polls, is that four weeks of good campaigning doesn't sway a public who really like the incumbents.

    Fingers crossed and two ticks....

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  • Speaker: The Public Broadcasting Imperative,

    Fantastic and thought-provoking piece, thank you for posting it.

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  • Up Front: One,

    Thank you Emma.

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  • Hard News: Need to Know,

    On your last point (the Maori Party issue) Kathryn Ryan asked the question at the end of her interview with Mr Glenn this morning. He categorically refuted it and said it was a lie.

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  • Island Life: More billboards,

    I'm personally quite relieved that these are, actually, hopeless compared with what Ansell did last time. When I first saw them, the only branding that came to mind was, "TVNZOnDemand!!". Which probably isn't quite what National is looking for.

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  • Island Life: And later on, a bit of a…,

    Craig - is he that bad? I have read about him (in an honours seminar, Margaret Clark made us do it) but nothing he has written. It was described in that piece as "opaque"...

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  • Hard News: Idiotic and lamentable behaviour,

    One thing that we might all be able to agree with is: shouldn't there be a website where parties can / must lodge SOPs that they intend to move?

    It is hard enough finding a Bill sometimes, though the new Parliamentary website does that OK at last, even if they usually post scanned PDF copies.

    SOPs that have been moved are posted on the site too, but what about proposed ones? Wouldn't that be rather useful?

    As for expected post, Russell, I thought I was quite restrained. I thought of lots of rude things to write about the ineptitude being displayed here but actually, they're unnecessary. Key's actions speak for themselves through the very words he spoke.

    Great way to start your first conference as leader. Not.

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  • Hard News: The Civility Code,

    Do you know what? I wonder the same thing, more often than not in fact.

    As a general point when I started blogging, the discussion was quite intelligent and rational. That was in 2004.

    Around the time of the 2005 election and immediately after, it was more vigorous and rude, but bearable.

    Through 2006 and into this year, it has become absurd. The only reason I allow comments on the blog these days is because they provide a sort of archived commentary of the state of mind of some parts of the right. That state of mind is truly scary.

    Yes, sometimes I write more provocatively than I should, but I do not do so in a cynical fashion. It is genuinely meant. I suppose the great advantage is that I don't take the responses seriously, as if I did I think I'd be in treatment now and for some time.

    It does sadden me that vigorous partisan positions, instead of earning vigorous rebuttal, instead simply lead to bitter and twisted abuse. Maybe I can (and should) change my tone. But I don't abuse people on my blog. That's a one way street. There is no moral equivalence involved.


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