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  • Hard News: Meet me at Camera 2: White,

    White? Check. Well, mostly puce really. Depends on the sun.
    Male? Last time I checked. Yes.

    Also part Romani. Lucky I grew up in Nz where being Roma doesn't hold the stigma ot does in Europe. Mind you, we never told anybody our background all the years I grew up to avoid the possibility I guess.

    Get a bit funny about the idea of privilege. I know it's there...but I don't know if it has quite the influence people say it does.

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  • Hard News: Food Show 2013: There is a…,

    the Korean Embassy (in London) did the same thing at the 2012 Thames Festival in London. Put on a great stand and blew away the competition

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  • Hard News: Tooled Up for Food,

    Can you still buy brand new Moulinex machines in NZ? My Mum swears by them. Other brands she swears by in a different sense.

    Can't seem to find them in the shops any more though

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  • Hard News: Tooled Up for Food, in reply to Chris Waugh,

    Oh no, please don’t, really, you didn’t, did you? I don’t say this out of fear of losing an income stream (though I don’t do Korean-English, so no direct threat in this case), I say it out of professional pride. Yeah, sure, for something formulaic and technical like an instruction booklet Machine Translation often gives you something close enough for you to decipher, sometimes even reasonably accurate, but outside of these very strict conditions, do you have any idea how badly MT mangles language?!

    I'm afraid I did...and I understand the rant entirely. I did it with completely open eyes. I was counting on the instructions being fairly basic and that, due to that, I would have a good chance of translating it properly.

    Also, I have a few good friends in Korea whom I used to live with in London I could call on, if the translations didn't work out. I did need the occasional bit of assistance translating a recipe...but the functions and buttons I managed on my own

    So far I have tried all the different rice, mixed grain and millet settings, used the slow cooker functions and the pressure cooker function to cook korean beef ribs

    I have even gone so far as to cook Korean jjimjilbang eggs (the type of eggs you get in a korean sauna) in it. No regrets, all settings and functions translated and understood :)

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  • Hard News: Tooled Up for Food,

    Best thing I ever bought for the kitchen. The carbon steel chinese cleaver from Chinatown in London. Cheap but outstanding in so many ways. Cuts, bashes, useful to scoop up sliced food...probably the single most useful kitchen tool I have.

    In my more insane moments - I dream of buying myself a set of these knives
    Totally and UTTERLY mad of me if I do it...but they are pieces of art, and I got all inspired watching a korean drama about a chef.

    Staying with the korean theme, I managed to buy a korean rice cooker on the cheap which is also a slow cooker and pressure cooker. Got it on the cheap ($61 compared to retail $430) because the manual is in korean. Emailed the manufacturer (to no avail) asking if they had an english manual, but ended up translating it myself using online translator sites.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Bring Back Boxes,

    I quite liked the idea of Koko in London - a theatre converted into a gig venue,with the balcony area used for a bar and viewpoint....for the people that want out of the crush below or who want a more relaxed place to be.
    I'm guessing there are a few theatres or old cinemas around which have closed or in danger of it. They could get a new lease of life as venues for live music

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  • Hard News: Real Gone,

    123 was originally th Record Exchange in St Kev's Arcade....and later the 123 k rd shop on the corner opposite the bank

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  • Hard News: Real Gone,

    the Record Exchange - later 123 K Rd was my favourite place.

    I spent so much time there that it became a home away from home, and I became friends with Nev and Steph there

    Great people, and Nev's stash of vinyl in the basement was huge

    Never really liked Real Groovy though - didnt feel as at home there as I did at 123

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  • Hard News: The Debate and Onwards,


    pretty forthright

    Apologies if anyone else has already linked to this

    Thursdays debate should be interesting

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  • Hard News: Go Us,

    more info on Palin, from somebody in her hometown. Somebody may have put this up here before

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