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  • Hard News: Poor Choices,

    I think that there is a social media disease the exhibits "one better" or "one worse" symptoms. A tweeter aims to get into a conversation and to do so takes the strategy of amping everything up. I don't believe that the tweeter would be committed to his or her words - its about tweeting something to get attention. School playtime playground rules. I think that celebrities are sometimes used as leverage or a segway into that discussion. They perhaps don't see themselves as trolls or even nasty people, yet whatever their motivations and possibly they use the speed of twitter as another excuse, I still seem them as trolls. Regardless of the social media vehicle, a person is responsible for the words that they write.

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  • Hard News: The Short and Long of It,

    There seems to be a class system evolving in blogging. Are you are real blogger or a journalist or a part-timer, or someone who just enjoys writing. Do you do this for money or personal gratification or both? It would be great if everyone who enjoyed blogging could get paid for it.

    Web 2.0 for me, was/is intrinsically egalitarian. The technology is there for anyone to use.The content and the blog's value is up to its audience and the numbers of people reading it, and the own benefit that the blogger gets from publishing.

    I blog at, and for a time I thought a lot of myself and said its not really a blog its more an article. But it isn't up to me to say what it is - it is up to my audience. Not that I had one for my last post.

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