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  • Hard News: The last – and best – parts…,

    With the bill offering encouragement to production by Maori in impoverished areas, I hope the supply chain does not end up mirroring the fishing industry, where the producers operate on subsistence returns while the distributors make hefty profits

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  • Hard News: Paying for the storms to come,

    Great post and excellent comments.

    Regarding the failures of successive local governments to address this and the other issues mentioned, you would have to accept some of the blame can be laid at the voters who put these people in power. If we weren't all collectively greedy, narrow minded and unwilling to take a financial hit to improve things, we may not be having this discussion. We continually seem to have a leadership problem - as in we are more likely to select someone based on factors unrelated to their abilities.

    You can't blame Trump (as an example) for his behaviour, but you can hunt down those who voted for him...

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  • Hard News: On seclusion rooms, in reply to Sacha,

    I've encountered public 'servants' like that in other areas, yes. Amazing how much harm one poorly-managed misguided person can do.

    Hekia Parata?

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  • Hard News: Paths where we actually ride,

    Sad that De Luen doesn't appear on the cycleway map - you'll have to drive to the end of the road...

    On another note, my understanding is that there will be no parking on Meola Road. Hopefully I will be able to leave my aging station wagon somewhere nearby.

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  • Polity: Buying a fight with democracy,

    There seems to be an unwritten assumption here that electoral fraud is a left-wing issue. Republican politics being what they are, one could posit that reducing electoral fraud could actually benefit the left?

    Of course increasing the barriers to voting will not benefit the democratic institution, although I would personally prefer a very simple 10-question multi-choice test, to ensure those voting are not the completely ignorant dweebs we see interviewed on telly every 3 years...

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  • Polity: A week on from the housing controversy,

    Wow, take a breath everyone! This is a fascinating issue to view from the sidelines and staggering to see the effect of inflammatory reportage. I read the initial release and thought "at last, someone has made an effort to analyse the underlying issues behind Auckland's property trends". Then the Harold issued their interpretation and all hell broke loose. Sadly, what they reported was quite a twist on what was actually said, while making to attempt to report why the study was done in the first place.

    I felt that the study made it quite clear that there were clear flaws in the data gathered. These were obvious and unavoidable. I also felt that it should have made more of the need for some sort of analysis. We have a government who seem reluctant at best to question the origin of the Golden Egg.

    Sadly I think that the usual PA contributors have not been up to their usual extremely high standard of discussion on this one. Rarely can one simply flick through this forum without learning a great deal.

    I did laugh though - I did notice one line of reportage denounce the racist nature of the study, then condemned Kiwis for being lazy toerags who would spend their last $100 on beer. At least that bought some balance!

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  • Hard News: #GE2015: Proper Mad,

    Can't wait for The Horold to lead with #JeSuisGate

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  • Hard News: Media Take: The Easter Show, in reply to philipmatthews,

    But Brian continues to be a pretty terrible spokesman for the church; Hannah is much clearer and more articulate. It's like watching the Clintons in action.

    Not sure I follow - does Brian like cigars?

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  • Hard News: To defame and deflect,

    Staggered, but not surprised at this release. As already suggested above, surely the best way to deal with our Pacific whanau is to talk to them as people - such an old-fashioned concept it seems.

    My reading on what the "Yeah Right" Honourable John Key has been saying distills to:
    "GCSB does not spy directly on NZers". However, it is completely plausible that 5eye partners connect directly to GCSB feed and feed gathered intelligence back to National Party HQ.

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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,

    Something from the entertainment desk - no, not NZ politics but acting, criminals, "the suspension of reality" and devious plots. Oh wait that is National politics...


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