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  • Hard News: Cheer Germ,

    So the 'Love Boat' went to Puerto Vallarta.
    Where does this one go?

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  • Southerly: One Hundred and Thirty-one…,

    Thanks David. Enjoyed the nine-to-noon summary, however I'm unsure about the appeal of tree climbing dogs. I noticed in Melbourne last year that cyclist behaviour is heavily moderated by cycle paths and lanes - people get really dependent on them. Even friends with a rebellious streak urged me back when straying from the designated areas, in places without trams.

    What about cycle-friendly architecture? I'd be interested in hearing more about 'verandah hopping' post-earthquake. Ducking and diving through heavy rain showers used to be easy in urban ChCh - you could always find a big shop verandah for shelter. The newer 'gull-winged' pedestrian shelters are to small for walkers and bikers to share, especially if its windy. I propose a four-legged 6x6m platform shelter with a ladder so you can picnic on top.

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  • Hard News: Friday Beep Test,

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  • Hard News: Sweet Rocksteady,

    Ahh, the Mid-Nineties - the top NZ Reggae tours of all time - Mad Prof. Macka B, Sister Audrey and Kofi; African Head Charge; Dub Syndicate and Audio Active. Serious sounds, Sounds serious, You must be crackers!

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  • Hard News: The back of a bloody envelope,

    Russell's Great Barrier distraction theory sounds solid.
    Another contention to consider is that Schedule 4 itself is under threat if compromise can't be found and that other 'softeners' such as extraneous crown parcels without conservation merits (e.g. gravel pits) will be thrown into the public arena to desensitise the whole concept.

    Its got to be said that the conservation estate has grown markedly in recent times and the price of fence posts, and general compliance costs post-Cave Creek, make for a large annual bill.

    Its an interesting shake-up, however I think i prefer ice creams at Cathedral Cove and huts full of guided Americans over silted up rivers.

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  • Hard News: Ready for the Big One?,

    In the large caldera-forming eruptions, a lot of the erupted material accumulates within the caldera itself as it collapses, and the old land surface may be buried to several kilometres depth.

    For those near Taupo, an asbetos suit might come in handy - looks like some Jules Verne type venturing could be had...

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  • Hard News: Research Fail,

    That's funny - there's no mention of this story on Stuff? -

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  • Hard News: It was 20 years ago tomorrow ...,

    Lovin' the Brighton Shed Sessions - fancy pluckin' indeed!

    I remember Ice-T's 'High Roller' 12" hitting the shelves in mid '89. The most shocking cover I'd ever seen - Darlene the syndicate queen wearing togs that would shame even Borat. It was duly purchased and created its own Friday night party.

    The hungover Saturday morning walk to the dairy for a paper revealed a sobering front page image. It made our Friday night seem embarrassing. In hindsight, we should have flayed ourselves with some loud Margaret Urlich.

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  • Speaker: Grand Theft Auckland,

    The test of time has shown that regulation does generally work for the greater good doesn't it? Some of Muldoon's 'think big' projects present as exceptions (ie the Waitaki valley's hydro capacity) though...

    I can understand the frustration of the developers and go-getters, however the evidence to the contrary is pretty weak, for example Roger Kerr pointing the finger at the post-Enron Sarbanes-Oxley legislation which 'damaged the the New York market'.

    I thought their troubles were mainly due to fraud, greed and shoddy derivative products.

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