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  • Random Play: “Thank you, you’ve been a…,

    I was at the Lowe/Cooder concert last night in Wellington - great show...and not a bit too loud. The promotors, however, were obviously keen not to take chances.

    Outside the doors upstairs was a large box containing little packets of ear plugs - and a warning sign about the possibility of loud music ... just in case, obviously.

    As for yelling out - not too bad, despite one fan who was very determined to hear Yellow Roses ... he didn't.

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  • Hard News: Undie Wankers,

    Sure, not everyone can afford a university education, but referring to these students as white, rich and privileged only seems to vent anger against a strawman stereotype.
    Fair criticism.
    Worth remebering, though, that it does take a bit of cash to send your kids to a hall, where most first-year Otago students live - you can't do it on even the full student allowance, for instance, not without some serious saving first. The discussion has been around students who have moved away from home to go to uni, and by and large that is the reserve of people with resources.

    I would agree with the latter comment. A friend's daughter - along with much of her Wellington social set - is in her 2nd year at Otago. Last year, she complained she was the only one in her hostel that had to have a job for spending money. Most of the others were down from Auckland on substantial allowances from mummy and daddy - and came from 'absolute, like, mansions' - and this from a Seatoun girl!
    She's flatting this year, and still has her job. She is most grateful for care packages sent from home - Tamiflu, home baking and the odd chocolate treat. Some of her former hostel mates, however, have mothers who take it in turns to do the grocery shopping on-line for their darlings' flats ... and have vast quantities of food and booze delivered every week from the nearest supermarket to grotty dwellings in Castle street.
    It's not hard to see how a certain sense of entitlement would ensue ..

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