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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Both sides of…,

    Saw Bruce on Saturday night at Mt Smart and the Saturday night before - in the Hunter Valley, Australia. Two different but amazing concerts that I wouldn't have missed for anything.

    Huge apologies to Samuel Johnson for this, but I say, "When you're tired of Springsteen, you're tired of life."

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  • Hard News: A bigger breach?,

    Me too, but it was more like three weeks ago. ASB visa. A workmate had hers replaced same way, same non-specific reason given.

    I asked an ASB Bank teller and he just said that it's most likely a precautionary measure where they know data has been accessed and they want to make sure there's no fraud. So he was no help.

    I guess if they're still investigating they're going to be a bit cagey about details... anyone got any anonymous sources from the banks...?

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  • Hard News: Undie Wankers,

    But it did look so chaotic and dangerous that I'm reluctant to judge them here.

    As am I. I think most of us would have a different perspective on police work if we spent a week on night shift with frontline police officers - and a whole lot more respect for them.

    Regardless of the rights or wrongs of police officers' actions, these students are learning a very important life lesson: Do not take on the cops. You will always come off second best.

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  • Discussion: Regarding Auckland,

    Seriously, Auckland in general isn't - you can't generalise about Auckland even though everyone does. It's got specific bits. And they're all different from each other. I'm a westie - a very distinct breed.

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