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  • OnPoint: MSD's Leaky Servers,

    This is pretty gobsmacking and must be a NEW thing.
    I worked for WINZ (frontline in various roles) for 24 years, finishing in 2010. All these details that you have been able to access are amazing, considering we, as staff, were NEVER able to access any of them. Even our Service Managers couldnt get into them.
    It was so 'locked down" that we couldnt even access Internet unless we personally had been granted electronic licence. (so no Trade Me, Facebook, Twitter etc)
    We did have our own internal "Intranet" and access to our own client's benefit records, but I am appalled that the public has been able to access stuff, even we as staff, could never get to, or would even attempt to get to.
    Thank you for exposing this anomaly in their system, but would appreciate it being reported that it is reported that it is not WINZ information that you have been able to see, it is other organisations within MSD.

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