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  • Hard News: What to Do?,

    Remember that Helen Clark received a lot of criticism for not including it as part of the electoral ballot in November?

    Yes, and I wasn't buying that it was logistically and financially impossible. I do however perfectly understand the political angle that this was the last thing Clark (or anyone else) wanted that back on the agenda during an election that was going to be enough of a shit fight.

    I wonder whether Key would have come out so strongly stating how stupid this is if it had been run with the General Election!

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  • OnPoint: Being a dick about Earth Hour,

    I read at some time back that changing lightbulbs is great and all but is completely good work is undone by people using their savings on the power bill to buy a plazma tv which sucks up way more than any old light bulb.

    Isn't this going to be the next big challenge, the rise of bigger and bigger power demands of people's entertainment? Should we slap energy standards on home electronics like that? Think of all the xboxs and so one too...

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