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  • Speaker: Banking on a relationship,

    Same experience here. Kiwibank credit card, used overseas while on work trip a few times then blocked. I'm fairly easy going and was with others, so was lucky. My phone (which I think they have) was on VodafoneNZ roaming and there was no update, warning, query, etc.

    Called KB and had to wait until they were "open". Informed afterwards that letting them know of travel beforehand is a way to ensure this doesn't happen. First bank in my experience that's ever happened with.

    I suspect the automated fraud detection systems in place are run by third-party, not KB. I'm with KB for some of the same reasons in the article and comments above. Live and learn, but I wish a bank in this day and age - even a careful or cautious one like KB - could better facilitate the ubiquity of some card use.

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  • Hard News: The Ides of Epsom, in reply to BenWilson,

    Wow. +1, Like, tweet, etc. Just because it describes all the attitudes (others and at time mine, I've to admit) I've encountered over the years.

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  • Hard News: In the red zone,

    Thanks for this. I live in my own bubble here in Chch, unaffected as much as these people have been while working and growing family help me … forget?
    I went digging soon after and remember the people I’ve never met before (or since) doing a 360 degree turn of all their neighbours while pointing and saying “gone.. .gone… gone”. Retreat Rd was unfortunately a memorable one. Most of that’s gone now.

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  • Speaker: A day or two at Dramfest,

    Nice one, couldn't make it myself but I appreciate reading your lines on the event. Has given me a thirst, too...

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