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  • Hard News: Be careful what you wish for, in reply to TracyMac,

    For the life of me, I don't know why Obama didn't proceed with the Supreme Court appointment. He had time. What a disaster.

    Wasn't his choice, was it? Senate controls whether or not to give him a hearing, and the Republicans decided they wouldn't in an election year.

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  • Hard News: Media3: Panic or Peril?, in reply to James W,


    Do you have any intention of continuing your research for this year?

    My (unscientific) impression of the Herald is that after an initial 'improvement' to match the change in format, the front pages have become trashier more often in recent weeks.

    Of course, I'm not seeing the front page as often as I once was (you can't seem to buy a Herald in Christchurch) and my 'trashy' is obviously a subjective, personal view.

    edit: Also, thanks for the infographics in the first place, really interesting stuff.

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  • Field Theory: Never alone with Metenolone,

    I bet the person in Valerie's camp who gave the Herald the numbers in this story is wishing they hadn't today.

    It's sad that those in the media who were spreading allegations and disparaging remarks even before the event happened will see this as vindication.

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