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  • Hard News: Christchurch: Is "quite good"…, in reply to Hebe,

    I've been reading this site for ages but never signed up til now because there was never anything I wanted to say this much. But you've touched on a point that has long incensed me so here I am.

    Way back when CERA was first introduced people pointed out that they had accidentally not ruled out making CCC sell its assets. 'No no' they were told jovially, 'we didn't forget, but we're not going to do that so not to worry. We'll leave that little possibility in there because we'll never use it, okay?' 'But if you're not going to use it why not rule it out?' people asked in puzzled tones. 'It's okay, you all run along now; we won't use it but we'll leave it there.' and so that possibility was left sitting there just waiting its time. It was obvious right back then that this was on the agenda and that the government was carefully reserving for itself the ability to make CCC sell assets. I've just been waiting for the day when it would start happening and it looks like it's come. It may be 'suggestions' now but just wait, I'll bet forced sales will occur should the CCC keep being obstinate.

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