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  • Up Front: So Farewell Then, UCSA,

    When it comes to it I have far more fond memories of the UCSA than I'll ever have of the cathedral that I maybe entered half a dozen times in my life. Dancing in the 'new' atrium, fighting in the ballroom, pretending to play 500 because they needed another hand even though I was totally useless at it.

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  • Hard News: Going solar?,

    We've had exclusively solar/wetback water heating in our house since building it in 2006-7 and its (mostly) great - since installation we have never turned on the electrical heating for the water. We have the vaccum tubes system which I believe is supposed to be more cold resistant - still warming water on sunny but cold winter days which can be common in mid-Canterbury. The only problematic periods are spring and autumn when its not really cold enough to run the log burner and not warm/sunny enough to build up enough hot water. Sometimes we run the burner and open the windows. Also, we're a two-adult no children household so probably don't use as much hot water as some. Mid-winter we occasionally have the opposite problem of too much hot water from the wetback which is why we put in a deep soaky bath.

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  • Access: Disability, identity and the internet, in reply to Paul Campbell,

    It's interesting that you perceive a disengagement because you look like you no longer belong. I've been made aware over the past six years of what it's like to live with an 'invisible' chronic illness and how within the disabled community these are frequently over looked and even not counted despite being as completely disabling. And of course, not being covered by ACC, although it's good to hear that that system works for some.
    Also, great post. I agree that the internet's an important place for people with disabilities to have an equal voice and also find people with similar experiences when physically getting to 'support group' can be impossible.

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  • Southerly: Refugee Status,

    > I distinctly remember Sideshow Bob waxing lyrical on TV1 or TV3 about the fact that the Arts Centre glass was still there in one to speak....

    That would be the Art Gallery (modern, glass) not the Arts Centre (victorian neo-gothic stone).

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  • Hard News: New Lounge Toy Update,

    I've been waiting for this damned thing since I first read about it in Wired seems like a decade ago. I can tell you that I'm looking forward to be able to watch recorded things (like Primeval) on the projector that don't look like they're off YouTube because they've been taped on a video tape that should have dog ears its been used so often.

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  • Speaker: Why not a New Zealand Film Month?,

    Why is it an either or? NZ Book Month is creeping up (October) and is promoted by publishers, bookshops and libraries. NZ Music Month is pretty much the same story. Personally I rarely get to the movies but would enjoy seeing more stuff on TV or available online. Video (as in stuff you watch) seems to be the 'poor cousin' when one looks at what libraries are collecting too (having just had a quick squint at Christchurch and National Library catalogues).

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