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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Dark Sounds of Africa,

    Yay! So glad you’ve picked up on gqom – it’s awesome.

    For people who’d like some more, the amazing Spoek Mathambo has made a superb mix.

    And on the subject of Spoek Mathambo – here’s one of my favourite tracks and music vids ever (from all the way back in 2011, nogal!), courtesy of the master himself :)

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  • Hard News: Dressing for the Road,

    Two things!

    First - this. Awesome star trek cycling jerseys? Yes please. Are you a red shirt? In Wellington, you are... Not sure about the other cities :P

    Second thing! I'm always amazed in these sorts of conversations at the lack of talk about safety. Wearing helmets seems a good idea (DO IT. head injuries are Not Cool), but people don't tend to talk about the amazing damage one can do one's self if one comes off at some of the speed I've seen cyclists whizz by at.

    So, gloves! Protect your hands, people. They're important. Having no skin and a lot of gravel stuck in them is a fail. And give serious thought to other parts of your body, too - I know from personal experience that cloth is better than nothing, but even jeans don't last long when meeting tarmac at anything over walking speed...

    Disclaimer: I cycle. I also ride motorbikes. I've taken liberties before, and sometimes I've paid for it...

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  • Hard News: The Perfect Drug,

    Nutt's a very impressive (and sweet! I've met him) man. He was the UK Govt's chief drug advisor until they sacked him from the post for saying that alcohol was more dangerous than ecstacy and LSD.

    He also pointed out that more people are killed riding horses than die due to taking ecstacy/MDMA.

    Apparently, the UK government's devotion to 'evidence led policy' was devotion in name only...

    Anyhoo, you can find more of his work at I think what I like most about it is that it's evidence-based, not ideology-based. Huzzah for the scientists :)

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