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  • Hard News: Narcissists and bullies,

    This is not the world that I want to be living in – why is change so slow …


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  • Legal Beagle: Council Elections: STV Q&A, in reply to Steve Todd,

    Ta muchly

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  • Field Theory: In closing, in reply to JacksonP,

    Did he sing the bit of 'Always look on the bright side' that goes 'Life's a piece of shit/ When you look at it'?

    Why yes he did. Comes in around 6:05 over at youtube

    The verse he changed, which I liked, goes something like "When you're stuck on the world's stage, with a bunch of loonies half your age, and everything is starting to go wrong, its too late to run away, you might as well just stay, especially when they play your silly song."

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  • Muse: OPEN HOUSE: Margaret Mahy, The…,

    I stumbled across "The Tricksters" at high school in the '80s, and fell in love with it. The protagonist was a nerdy 17 y.o girl, at Christmas time, in the summer, at the beach. It was one of the first books that really spoke to me with a NZ voice.

    Similarly with "The Changeover", they attended a high school like mine, and talked about sitting school cert.

    These two, plus "Catalogue of the Universe" are still my Mahy favourites. They characters seem so real, they have family issues, and yet have a supernatural twist. I starting reading them again last night, and I'm noticing the simple, yet brilliant, descriptive prose that sets the setting so vividly.
    I suppose its about time to get my teenagers reading them.

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  • Hard News: How to make more awesome use…,

    Hmm, it seems the Nielsen survey is monthly. Does that mean lurkers like me should aim to post one comment a month to keep your ranking up so high? :)

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  • Hard News: When A City Falls,

    Because people go to the movies for escapist entertainment?
    FWIW we actually went out Saturday evening to the movies - the first time for ages, since our kids were both away for the night. We didn't go to see this movie because it seemed like it falls into the "Once were Warriors" category - something you _should_ see, but don't expect to enjoy. It didn't seem to fit with our tone of it being a special date type evening.

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  • Hard News: The Politics of Absence, in reply to Carol Stewart,

    I've heard Nikki Kaye speak at an architects' meeting, and she seemed to be making sense with regards to her urbanisation and mass transportation knowledge/experience. The problem I see with her is that she is a minor player in the National party. What she says seems to be discounted by John Key and those in the power, and she has to tow the party line. Even when it is against what she wants to say. Like funding for rail networks.

    That is probably true for most politicians, but perhaps it is more noticeable in Auckland Central, when we used to have Judith Tizard, who seemed to have the ear of the prime minister.

    For me, the fact that Nikki is National has got to weigh against the work she has done for Auckland Central, and so I won't be voting for her. Now if she was Independent, or another party ....

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  • Up Front: Fairy-Tale Autopsies,

    Just got around to reading this at home, so I can log in to comment. Being of the lurker persuasion, I agree with a comment way back about other people saying my point of view succinctly, so not feeling the need to post.
    And the more recent comments that to comment add in the "me too" comment should be done.

    I think that that sort of comment is not really a comment, and so doesn't add anything to the conversation. What I think would be good is a "I agree" button. Yes, akin to the facebook like, but being pedantic, it is just agreeing.

    I imagine it would be used when people agree with the whole comment posted. If they agree only with part, or disagree, then a comment would be warranted, so I don't see the need for other buttons.

    It could bring more lurkers out in an unobtrusive manner, and may lead to a more accurate gauging of the "community opinion" for newcomers to get a handle of.

    I have seen this sort of concept mooted before, so I know its not a new idea. I assume it is tricky to implement? Or are there other reasons why it would be A Bad Thing?

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  • Up Front: Where You From?,

    I find it a bit weird that in my dreams “home” is often the house I grew up in. Though I do remember the satisfaction of recalling a dream where ‘home’ was my current house – only after 10 years of living in it.

    I remember doing School Cert Maori, we had to do the speech to say who we were and where our ancestors are from, basically our tribal affliation. Being an Auckland pakeha, it was quite a new concept, and I found it satisfying to identify that growing up in Kelston, the Waitakere ranges was my mountain (but in Maori of course, which has sadly lapsed).

    Now as I drive around the city I get views of them, and still think, yes they are my mountains.

    I sometimes get the “are you from England” question, but think it’s a bit snobby to say “No, I just come from a line of educated teachers who knew how to speak properly” even though I think it's true.

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  • Cracker: Sintax,

    Like molten toothpaste
    I feel used
    and spat out

    This is a love song for John & Leisha's mother.
    It's not that easy,
    I might not write another.

    (I figure for it to be a classic lyric, then you don't need to say who the performer is :) )

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