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  • OnPoint: MSD's Leaky Servers, in reply to Gerald Stevenson,

    Could have been worse if someone malicious was to get in there…

    It's entirely likely that they have. It may well be that Keith and his informant are not the only people to have experimented with these kiosks.

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  • Southerly: One Hundred and Thirty-one…,

    Wow, I'd just about move to Christchurch for infrastructure like that!

    In case anyone thinks the cyclist pictured is going the wrong way (on some kind of contra-flow bike lane): those apparent arrow heads pointing towards the camera are actually "shark teeth" signaling lane users to give way, here to the pedestrian crossing.

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  • Legal Beagle: MMP or not MMP,

    referendum advertisement means an advertisement in any medium that— …

    That's a whole lot better than the EFA text, to be sure, but what exactly is "an advertisement"? Presumably it's defined elsewhere, but I didn't see it in e.g. this bill or the 1993 Act.

    I was trying to see whether personal topiary hedges were clearly not covered (if indeed that is the desire), and thought 30(2)(f) was going to be salvation, but it would have to be an electronic hedge.

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