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  • Speaker: Who are the news media?, in reply to Law Commission,


    this example does not affect the need to settle on a definition of news media for other purposes – eg the right to stay in court when others are excluded; exemption from the Privacy Act principles; exemption from s9 of the the Fair Trading Act (which is currently confined to newspapers and broadcasters).

    News media should be defined as those who employ journalists. A definition of journalists, for modern purposes, should start and finish with those who abide by a code of ethics. A further definition could be defining news media as those organisations that adhere to independent media accountability systems, such as a Press Council, or other regulator.

    If something is written outside a code of ethics, then it's not journalism, and the person responsible should not be able to claim protection as a journalist. If an organisation is not answerable and independently accountable for what it publishes or broadcasts, it's not news.


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