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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,

    made it into the Guardian including mention of Russell’s media standup . . .

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  • Speaker: Mum,

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Slow Burns,


    Rae and I went to the gig at the Cook last night. I managed half a game of football before dashing home for a shower and off we went. A wasted effort – I sweated more at the gig, and my phone told me today I more than doubled my steps for the day at the gig. ( interestingly – to me at least – I was grooving to Dimmer- 2500steps -and clearly rocking to the Fits - 4500 steps ).
    But hell – what a show. I’ve seen Mr S P Carter lots of times, firstly as a 15 yr old seeing Double Happys (still with Herbie Fuckface the drum machine at some underage venue in Dunedin – perhaps where Otago Acces Radio is now?) I saw him – disturbingly – at the Dunedin town hall as part of Weeds, fisherman’s rib jerseys and underpants as their attire; then SJFs at the union hall as he mocked the lighters in the air anthemic response of drunk first years at some orientation gig; various other gigs, including with Don McGlashan at the late lamented Fortune theatre; a brilliant solo gig for his amazing “Offsider” album (realeased on my birthday in 2016!); and even doing the live music for “an Iliad” with Michael Hurst last year at the Fortune.
    Upon reading all that – it frighteningly looks stalkerish!
    But anyway . . . One of the things I do love about Shayne Carter is that he never sits still. So a gig focused on “retrospection” is always a risk – for punter and performer alike.
    But this was no nostalgia gig – even if it make many of us think again of friends gained and lost over the years.
    Watching Shayne Carter stretch every physical and emotional sinew, through every lyric, every chord (mostly “E”), kept every song so completely in the moment . . . Well, it is moments of collectively shared genius, joy and connection that make us human.
    It was fucking brilliant

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  • Speaker: What almost everyone is missing…,

    Really helpful and well thought through piece- perfect for public address :-) I had thought of the overall downward pressure on prices more houses should create, but had not quire thought it through in the way you have addressed the "affordable house" issue. Good info on state house building as well. Thanks.

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  • Hard News: We are, at last, navigating…, in reply to Clarke,

    Personally, I think every Public Address reader should chip in so we can buy Sir Peter Gluckman this t-shirt.

    Even better, chip in and become a supporter of this site (at the top of the homepage). This is such a huge, positive and impactful outcome for a lot of people - even by virtue of just meaning there are a bunch of HNZ homes now deemed inhabitable. Russell's work on this has been a big part of it - some of gluckman's comments on tv3 tonight seemed almost word for word what I read in Russell's piece 2 years ago.
    If you can, do support this site- this has been a really obvious and public demonstration of the value it has, and the great work of so many contributors.

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  • Legal Beagle: Questions, but no answers,…, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    Thank you. What I feel, but more eloquently and clearly expressed .

    Intelligence. Kindness. Compromise. All essential in political discourse ( and human relationships)- and sadly lacking in the"gotcha!", Trumpian, click-bait driven MSM environment in which we live.

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  • Hard News: Media Take: The Future,

    Kia ora Russell (and Toi)
    Really sad to hear this is ending- it's is one of the few programmes I make sure I watch each week. It is set to record, but usually I cannot wait so, watch as its screens..
    I always watched media 7 too; and Take was a welcome and positive development In the media landscape. Toi has always provided a fresh, insightful and often very dry but witty voice that is sorely lacking from most broadcast tv.
    I hope something similar can be hauled from the ashes - you have entertained and informed so well for so long, and the end leaves a huge void in our public discourse.
    Thank you both( and thank you to your "unseen"Colleagues who, as you rightly note, have contributed so much).

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  • Hard News: Metiria's Problem, in reply to Tom Semmens,

    So yeah, the Greens can cry me a river if they want any sympathy or even a bit of understanding. They gambled on a particularly craven stunt of political betrayal to try and win the day, and they lost hard and in being so inept they’ve also damaged the wider chances of the centre left of gaining power in six weeks.

    I really don't think it was craven- "contemptibly lacking in courage". I think it was a genuine attempt at raising an issue, and was the opposite of craven. It was personally courageous of Metiria given there was always going to be some personal attack- even if, as the over the top reactions by some means it was perhaps politically naive. And sadly, many of us on the left have been co-opted to the chaos around it all- the perceived need to defend (or attack) keeps feeding the beast.
    The good news stuff for Greens would seem to be the policies around transport that labour have now adopted (light rail), the Nats now talking about improving Water quality (whether or not the policy is significant enough), and that welfare and Poverty is (or was) being seen as an important election issue. (These are all things the greens - and on poverty, Metiria especially has been doing this for years- have been pushing well before the election campaign and they have shifted the discussion in those directions.

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  • Hard News: Metiria's Problem, in reply to simon g,

    I’d say the “chaos” is mostly being perpetuated by people shouting “chaos”. Some of them (like Patrick Gower) have a vested interest in the “chaos”. (As I commented upthread, I don’t think Metiria handled it well, but I don’t feel the need to repeat that opinion daily as some kind of substitute for actual news).

    Absolutely agree- and to further highlight how a very hostile and lazy media are trying to perpetuate the "chaos" message, Duncan Garner on tv3 is just about to come back with "another candidate resigns- more on the chaos". This echoes a totally dishonest "fake news" approach to the news hutt candidate "Suzanne Ruthven is stepping aside. Stuff front page got into "more problems for Greens"- when all it is someone who was not likely to be elected (24 on the list) who has a job she needs to start. Paddy Gower now spinning that it _not_ being a deal to clear the way for labour shows how bad things are for labour and the greens.

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  • Hard News: That escalated quickly ...,

    I have just come from a meeting of about 6 people (all of us 50+ years old - well, Me in a month) where the labour leadership stuff came up in discussion beforehand. 3 thought that at the time ( Tuesday) it was a bad move by labour to change leader right now. All three of them now think it was the right thing to do,and said how things have energised as a result. 2 of them were just thrilled immediately that Jacinda was the new leader. One person said they have not voted In the past two elections, that they weren't impressed with "the young one" but thought "that kelvin seems pretty good" and say they are likely to vote this time as a result.

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