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  • Hard News: Standing up and calling bullshit,

    I know the Calder a little and was surprised at his comments (assuming they were indeed his). Nevertheless, is it racist or anti-Semitic to claim the Jewish lobby exudes more influence, globally, than, their Palestinian equivalent (whilst acknowledging The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a crock)? Really – Jewish success is an objective fact (and testament, you might say, to that community’s hard work, unity, loyalty and emphasis on education over millennia).

    Not sure that the rest of Peter’s argument stacks up: if your average Ngati Honky were to get the nugget out and try some Jackson Jive on, they’d be roasted. And you’d have to have a death wish to indulge in ‘harmless’ haka mockery ala those gormless engineering twits of the ‘70s.

    But doesn’t the holier-than-thou self-righteous Calder excoriation that’s followed rather prove his (and Finlay’s) point? Everyone falling over themselves to be more outraged and ‘right on’ than the last poster. CC-ing his comment to 'teacher’. Come on. It’s tedious.

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  • Hard News: No Surprises,

    You are mistaken Craig. There are no anti-semitic connotations - intended or otherwise - in Luke's inspired choice of noun. Sure 'merchant banker', 'foreign currency trader', 'Master of the Universe' etc is less pejorative, but I'm perfectly comfortable calling a spade* etc...

    While Jews of medieval times were often forced into moneylending to survive, Key could have taken a million other paths. Instead he chose to make money out of money. He chose to become a usurer.

    You may be aware that usury was once outlawed in Judaism. Indeed the good Book of Leviticus says "Thou shalt not give him money upon usury nor exact of him any increase of fruits".

    * Not intended as a racial slur either BTW.

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  • Hard News: If you can't say something…,

    While I voted for Ms Tizard I did so holding my nose, eyes watering, fingers down the throat. And I told anyone who'd listen that mine was the grubbiest of tactical votes, cast solely to keep the Corran Head Girl out. Tizard was the worst MP in the house.

    I knew this for a fact.

    Because I'd heard all the fat, useless, lazy, stupid slurs and passed them on until I believed them to be true. Of course, my evidence was all third-hand recollections of second-hand accounts of other's observations. But, hey, what does this matter when you're running with the pack.

    Shame on me.

    And good luck to an evidently kind and compassionate person who (drag her to the stocks) likes a good party.

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